5 Journal prompts (to help you reflect)

5 Journal prompts (to help you reflect)


Here are some ways in which journaling and using targeted journal prompts are helpful for personal growth! 

Seeing things written down can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions and identify patterns or certain themes in your thinking. It can also help you reevaluate negative thoughts and help you develop a more productive  mindset. 

By reflecting on your thoughts and feelings you can gain a better understanding of yourself and what you value, this can create more intentional habits and align your actions with your goals and beliefs. 

Documenting your journey can be such a powerful visual way to see the positive or even negative changes in your daily life. It can help you reduce stress and be honest with yourself. Your journal is your safe place , so please let go of any  judgement and get as creative as you want and explore new ideas. 

  Don't feel like you have to write for hours at a time all at once. I recommend starting with a few minutes each day and working towards a routine. Remember, it's your journal, there are no strict rules.

   These prompts below are helpful if you feel stuck or not sure what to write, they can set the foundation to start writing freely!

    I hope you enjoy and happy writing! 


1. What do I need more of in my life?


2. When do you feel most like yourself?


3. What don't you regret?


4. Is there something you're not being honest with, about yourself?


5. What has been the hardest thing to forgive yourself for?



    I hope these prompts brought you some form of comfort and were eye opening for you, until next time!

    -with love, Aubre

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