Why Body Butter?

Body Butters are a thick and rich moisturizer that is designed to hydrate the skin, it's an oil based product and much thicker than lotion. A little bit of body butter can go such a long way. The main ingredient for our body butters is Shea butter which is great for burns, stretch marks and scars. It also restores elasticity and has antioxidant properties. It also won't clog pores. Our body butters are made to melt right into your skin, not leave that oily heavy feeling.


What is Cocoa Sky?

Cocoa Sky is an Anime inspired self care brand. From the start our purpose has been to Encourage others to be themselves , Life is way too short to not follow your dreams just because you’re scared that you’re not good enough. You’ll often hear from our brand that you are the main character and that’s because you are. You deserve to feel good in your own skin and do what you love. Let our products add to the experience.

Omg hi! 𝜗𝜚˚⋆

I'm Aubre! I was born and raised in Houston, Tx and created this brand in 2020 with the hopes of sharing my two favorite things, anime and self care. Corny right? But it's true. I was always into anime growing up. I spent my time reading manga, doing skin care and watching anime. Around that time in 2020 I didn't know of any other brands who specifically created anime inspired body care and that's when I got to work . After the first character I created into a body butter went viral I started dropping collections and it's been amazing ever since. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of support and love, thank you for seeing me and thank you for being here. With love, Aubre

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